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* Do you know what DNS records are?

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DNS records are simple light text, and inside them, they hold different instructions related to a particular domain. The various DNS records are stored in a zone file placed in the Authoritative DNS servers. The separate DNS record types are responsible for different important information about the specific domain. Some of them are essential and more widely used, and others are a little bit more specific.

Popular DNS record types:

  • A record - It points the domain name to its corresponding IPv4 address.
  • CNAME record - Directs one domain or subdomain to another domain.
  • MX record - It shows the mail server for receiving emails.
  • TXT record - Typically, it is used for verification and security.

Specific DNS record types:

  • CAA record - It shows who can issue certificates for the domain.
  • NAPTR record – Usually, it is used in Internet telephony.

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